Development partnerships

  • Joint handling of new market segments (e.g. export markets) with partner customers
  • Supply of new materials as an alternative to conventional qualities as an exchange
  • Strategic development of processes and products together with manufacturers for new products

Metallurgical properties

  • Lot selection according to customer request/requirements
  • Special purity standards possible
  • US testing for cracks, cavities, inclusions with test certificate
  • Acceptance with qualified test certificates possible e.g. Germanischer Lloyd, TÜV, Dekra

Problem solving through process development

  • The variety of alternative forming and annealing processes at WE often provides a choice between different alternative process sequences with different quality characteristics
  • New customer requirements can be implemented by exchanging process steps
  • Higher quality requirements can be achieved by changing process parameters (sometimes even without added cost)

Product development


Einsal has already proven its ability to develop products in a creative process together with customers many times over