Reproducible quality


Consequence in process definition

  • For products and customers with unusual requirements
  • Jointly defined process parameters
  • Fixed processes in customer specification
  • Defined working plans for all company departments
  • Control plan
  • PDCA cycles
  • Secure data management of revisions and production events

Quality from German manufacturing


Future from experience

  • WE looks back at over 300 years of experience in forming and annealing iron and steel
  • Processes are based on the knowledge of German engineering, European industry standards and comparatively strict rules of socially organised working taking into account relatively strict environmental requirements

Combinable forming processes

  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling
  • Bar drawing
  • Wire drawing
  • Finishing

Mechanical properties

  • Strength/hardness adjustable
  • (e.g. defined hardness possible)
  • Yield strength/limit of elasticity as agreed
  • Temperature resistance
  • Toughness of the end product as agreed with customer
  • Improved machinability