The integrated hot rolling mill comprises:

  • a reversing rolling line with 5 stands
  • a double duo roughing mill stand
  • a multi stand line for profile rolling

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The drawing shop operates several wire drawing benches for different product areas which can be used to transform products of any size from the hot rolling range into cold-drawn steel. The new integrated 90 ton wire drawing bench sets new standards for resource efficiency throughout Europe.

In addition to flat and square dimensions, the machines can also cold draw customised profiles.

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Walzwerke Einsal has a wide range of equipment for rolling and/or drawing wire profiles. The forming technology is supplemented by numerous plants for heat and surface processing.

The product range focuses on special profiles which are manufactured to customer drawings with very narrow tolerances.

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Scrap and alloy surcharges

Learn more about the current scrap and alloy surcharges as a chart or a table and observe the development over recent years:

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